The Benton County Republican Womens' Club participates in many non-political programs and events and it is our honor to support all our troops and veterans, not as partisans but as grateful Americans. We keep our soldiers and their families in our thoughts and prayers and we are pleased to take action on their behalf whenever and however we can be of help.

Vietnam veteran, POW George Robert Hall dies at 83

A Vietnam War veteran, who endured one of the longest captivities as a prisoner of war in American history, has died. Retired Air Force Col. George Robert Hall succumbed Sunday [February 16, 2014] to his 20-year battle with Parkinson’s Disease. He was 83. “He was just a great American. He was just a strong, strong individual,” said his brother Sam Hall of Hattiesburg, a retired golfer. “You couldn’t survive seven and one-half years as a prisoner of war and 20 years with that disease and not be a strong person.” George Robert Hall, who graduated from Hattiesburg High School in 1948, spent 7 ½ years (from 1965 to 1973) as a prisoner of war of the North Vietnamese army, after his plane was shot down during a reconnaissance mission. Read more at Air Force Times

(Hat tip: Jonathan Hayes)