The Benton County Republican Womens' Club participates in many non-political programs and events and it is our honor to support all our troops and veterans, not as partisans but as grateful Americans. We keep our soldiers and their families in our thoughts and prayers and we are pleased to take action on their behalf whenever and however we can be of help.

Lou Copes: SOS from Operation Homefront

A message from Lou, 3/16/2010 - Operation Homefront is now located in Heritage Mall. They have a really nice space and furnishing donated to meet the troops, for training on budgeting, shopping, and just surviving. ∴ Today I stopped by to see how contributions were going and received an SOS request for needed items. It appears that [the largest deployment of National Guard Troops in Oregon's history is coming to an end and troops will be returning from Iraq], many without jobs. This will put an added load on the food supply at Operation Homefront when the food closet is already low.

It would be wonderful if everyone could bring one or more items to BCRW meetings. Financial contributions are also welcome. I will see to it that your donations are taken to Operations Homefront.

One item that is exceptionally needed is baby diapers of all sizes. The rest that they are asking for is in the food area and I have listed some suggestions below.

    Complete Box Meal Dinners
    Tuna helper
    Canned tuna
    Canned ham
    Canned milk
    Powder drink mixes
    Hot breakfast cereal
    Cold breakfast cereal
    Toaster pastries
    Peanut butter
    Pancake mix
    Pancake syrup
    Soda Crackers
    Snack crackers
    Packaged snacks and cookies
    Microwave meals
    Microwave popcorn
    Dried beans
    Canned Vegetables
    Canned fruit
    Spaghetti sauce
    Cooking oil
    Cake mixes
    Canned frosting
    Cookie/brownie mix
Thanks for supporting the troops through Operation Homefront.
Lou Copes